Yogesh Patel

Yogesh is an Associate in Movac Funds 3 and 4.

Yogesh joined Movac as an Analyst in 2014. As an Associate, Yogesh concentrates on identifying and analysing investment proposals, conducting financial, legal, and business due diligence, and supporting portfolio companies.

Prior to joining Movac, Yogesh was a solicitor at Russell McVeagh in their corporate advisory and litigation teams.


Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) from Victoria University of Wellington.

Current Board Appointments

LawSpot and Wellington Hockey Association.

What was your first job? Delivering medicine, emptying bins, and attempting to gift-wrap (very unsuccessfully) at my Mother’s pharmacy.

What’s your favourite app and why? Uber. It provides solution to what was an antiquated taxi market, subsequently decreasing transaction costs and markedly increasing competitiveness.

What gets you excited about a new company? Seeing simple solutions to common problems, and passionate teams who have done their homework and are willing to work hard.

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